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Russian Studies

Ona Renner-Fahey (Associate Professor of Russian), Robert H. Greene (Associate Professor of History), and Clint Walker, (Assistant Professor of Russian), Advisors

Students interested in Russian Studies may choose to minor in this interdisciplinary program. Courses are required in Russian language, culture, history, and one other discipline (depending on course offerings and students’ interests). The list of possible course offerings below must be considered in consultation with one of the advisors to the minor.

Requirements for a Minor

The following requirements must be successfully completed to obtain a minor in Russian Studies:

1. Second-year proficiency in the Russian language (by successfully completing 201-202 or equivalent).

2. RUSS/MCLG 105H (Introduction to Russian Culture)

3. One upper-division Russian history course (357, 358, 457, or 458)

4. Six additional credits of upper-division course work, three of which must be offered through a department other than History or Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures. Such other possible disciplines include: anthropology, business administration, economics, geography, or political science. For more information, see under “Related Courses” below.

5. Study abroad in Russia is highly encouraged. Students should discuss options for study abroad with their advisors.

Related Courses

Following is a list of possible course selections for the electives toward the Russian Studies Minor. Students are required to consult with their advisors concerning the appropriateness of the courses toward the minor.


ANTY 326E (ANTH 385E) Indigenous Peoples and Global Development 3 cr.

Business Administration-Management

MGMT 348 Entrepreneurship 3cr.

BGEN 360 (MGMT) 368 International Business 3cr.

BGEN 465 (MGMT 465) World Trade and Commerce 3 cr.


ECNS 374 (ECON 374) Comparative Economic Systems 3 cr.


RUSS 308 Russian Cinema and Culture 3 cr.


GPHY 347 (GEOG 351/GEOG 308) Regional Geography 3 cr.


HSTR 326 (HIST 319H) Contemporary Europe 3 cr.

HSTR 357 (HIST 344) Russia to 1881 3 cr.

HSTR 358 (HIST 345) Russia Since 1881 3 cr.

HSTR 363 (HIST 348) Eastern Europe: Past and Present 3 cr.

HSTR 378 (HIST 332H) The Global Diplomacy of the Cold War 3 cr.

HSTR 380H (HIST 331H) Foreign Relations of the Great Powers, 1870-Present 3 cr.

HSTR 391 (HIST 395) Special Topics variable cr.

HSTR 457 (HIST 445) The World of Anna Karenina 3 cr.

HSTR 458 (HIST 446) The Russian Revolution, 1900-1930 3 cr.

HSTR 472E (HIST 460E) Problems of Peace and National Security 3 cr.

Political Science

PSCI 321 Post-Communist Politics 3 cr.

PSCI 322 (PSC 321H) Politics of Western Europe 3 cr.

PSCI 355 (PSC 355) Theories of Civil Violence 3 cr.


301 Oral and Written Expression I 3 cr.

302 Oral and Written Expression II 3 cr.

312L (306L) Introduction to Russian Literature I 3 cr.

313L (307L) Introduction to Russian Literature II 3 cr.

391 (395) Special Topics Variable cr.

411 19th Century Major Russian Authors 3 cr.

412 20th Century Major Russian Authors 3 cr.

424 Russian Short Story 3 cr.

440 Russian Poetry 3 cr.

491 (495) Seminar in Russian Studies 3 cr.

Study in Russia

This may be arranged either through UM’s faculty-led program or through another program that has been approved by an advisor of the Russian Studies minor.

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