School of Social Work

Ryan Tolleson Knee, Chair

Social work is a human service profession concerned with the prevention of social problems, the maintenance of satisfying social relationships and the enhancement of human development. It focuses on people and their social environment. Social workers employ a range of knowledge and skills as the basis for constructive intervention on behalf of various client populations. The Bachelor of Arts and Master of Social Work degrees are offered. The Bachelor of Arts degree prepares graduates for generalist social work practice. The Master of Social Work degree prepares graduates for advanced integrated practice.

The undergraduate major in social work is available for those who wish to prepare for: (1) professional employment in the social services; (2) entry into a graduate school of social work; (3) graduate education in other helping service professions. The graduate degree in social work prepares graduates for advanced social work practice. Students can enroll in a two year full-time program or in a part-time option. See the University of Montana Graduate Catalog for a description of the Master of Social Work program. Both the Bachelor of Arts degree and the Master of Social Work degree are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Undergraduate Degrees Available

Subject Type Option Track
Gerontology Minor
Social Work Bachelor of Arts

Department Faculty


  • Janet Finn, Professor
  • Cindy Garthwait, Professor & Interdisciplinary Gerontolology Program Coordinator
  • Ryan Tolleson Knee, Professor

Associate Professor

  • Keith Anderson, Associate Professor
  • Mary-Ann Bowman, Associate Professor & BSW Program Director
  • James Caringi, Associate Professor & Chair

Assistant Professor

  • Bart Klika, Assistant Professor
  • Laurie Walker, Assistant Professor


  • Kate Chapin, Director of Field Education
  • Kerrie Ghenie, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Charlie Wellenstein, Adjunct Assistant Professor