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How many of us look down as we walk across campus, or direct our gaze purposely to where we are to be, what we need to do?

How many times can we enter a building and still not be aware of the lights on each side of the doors? The Doric columns? The metal filigree in the entryway? The arched doorway with the ornamental terra cotta detailing?

Good questions. The three people working on this story had a total combined time on-campus of more than twenty years, but we either had never seen many of these classic details, ornamental friezes, bas reliefs and other architectural delights, or our memories failed us.

Can you remember the buildings where these details and structural elements are found? See how many you can guess and then check the answers at the bottom.

Photos by Todd Goodrich

1. Greatest Generation hangout
Clue: This light is found on UM’s first Student Union Building, constructed in 1935.

2. A tough one
Clue: Unique terra cotta spandrel decorates this building, which housed UM’s first business school.

3. Gee whiz - where could this be?
Clue: This building houses one of the oldest disciplines on campus.

4. The point is . . .
Clue:It’s a new dorm, named for a former UM president.

5. Heads up!
Clue: This building was first called North Hall.

6. You could eat off it . . . not!
Clue: This tile work is found on the entryway to a building said to be haunted.

7. Man the balustrades!
Clue: Once a women's dorm, this building now houses University staff offices.

8. Sibling rivalry
Clue: These gargoyles are found on "twin" dorms, built in the 1920s. Name them.

9. Shine a light on me!
Clue: It's found on a building a "stone's" throw from the Math Building.

10. Art deco forever!
Clue: It's a way of life in this building.

11. It's all Greek to me.
Clue: It was modeled after the Botany Building.

12. Curfew, curfew, curfew
Clue: This building was named for a highly-respected housemother.

13. Artsy ...
Clue: This building was named for one of the first two graduates of UM.

14. Tricky stone work
Clue: Once a residence, this building now houses a native contingency.

15. Rock of ages
Clue: You might think of it as a centering element on campus.

16. Obscure terra cotta - you gotta love it.
Clue: This building was named for a former English department chair.

17. Every campus needs a Coat of Arms.
Clue: It's found on a building constructed south of Main Hall in 1921.

18. Let's take a little rest. This tour is exhausting.
Clue: These faux tree limbs were meant for UM's "oldest" students.

19. Montana State University?!? At UM? Sacrilege!
Clue: Instrumental to this building is its form.

20. Light and truth for all!
Clue: UM's motto is found on this building, dedicated "to the students" in 1950.

21. On a pedestal
Clue: Granite pedestals hold lights at the entryway to this building, which at one time housed the English department.

22. An easy one.
Clue: This ceramic and metal sculpture is found on the east end of this building.

23. Classic details
Clue: This ornamental window is found on a building that once housed the UM law school.

24.Can you see the forest for the pine cones?
Clue: Cast iron filigree is found in the entrance of this building, originally named for a national figure.

25.A closer look
Clue: It was known as the "home of the peeping Toms" because of its close location to a women's dorm.

26.Who's on first?
Clue: This building was designed as a duplicate of a building in Wisconsin.

27.Java junkies unite
Clue: A coffee bus is often found near this doorway, the west entrance to a building that now houses a visual arts gallery.

28.Put your petal to the metal
Clue: More filigree is found at the entrance to this circa 1918 structure, which became a model for future UM buildings built in the Renaissance Revival style.

29.Climbing the walls
Clue: Triangular pediments and marble panels adorn this building, UM's first library.

30.Will the cups overfloweth?
Clue: If you know the answers to 1, 7 and 12, you know this one.

31.Let's get physical
Clue: This art deco building held the first university pool.

32.A light in the wilderness
Clue: Wildness has something to do with studies going on here.

33.Reporting for duty
Clue: Students frequenting this building today are the "descendants" of students who first studied in tents on the Oval.

34.Functional chic
Clue: This classic doorway is found on a "hot" building on the east side of campus.


1. Education Building

2. Forestry Building

3. Fine Arts Building

4. Pantzer Hall

5. Brantly Hall

6. Jeannette Rankin Hall

7. Brantly Hall

8. Forestry Building

9. Journalism Building

10. Gargoyle on left, Elrod Hall; gargoyle on right, Brantly Hall

11. The Oval - Spoony Rock

12. Brantly Hall

13. Fine Arts Building

14. Knowles Hall

15. Corbin Hall

16. Native American Studies

17. Education Building

18. Forestry Building

19. Senior Bench

20. Jeannette Rankin Hall

21. Liberal Arts Building

22. Social Sciences Building

23. Forestry Building

24. Corbin Hall

25. Schreiber Gym

26. Music Building

27. Social Sciences Building

28. Botany Building

29. Schreiber Gym

30. Brantly Hall

31. Botany Building

32. Journalism Building

33. Heating Plant

34. Social Sciences Building


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