Geosciences Minor

Minor - Geosciences (Minor)

College Humanities & Sciences

Catalog Year: 2016-2017

Degree Specific Credits: 18

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Lower Division Core Courses

Rule: Must complete all of the following

Note: This sequence of courses is recommended but alternative sequences may be approved by an advisor.

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Show Description GEO 101N - Intro to Physical Geology
Offered autumn and spring. General geology including the work of wind, flowing water, glacial ice, gravity, earthquakes, volcanoes and plate tectonics in shaping the earth. 
3 Credits
Show Description GEO 102N - Intro to Physical Geology Lab
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq. or coreq., GEO 101N (preferred) or 105N or 108N. A series of laboratory and field experiences designed around basic geologic processes and materials. Familiarization with common minerals, rocks, land forms, and structures. Intended to provide laboratory experience primarily with GEO 101N, but can be taken with or following any of the other freshman GEO courses listed above.
1 Credits
Show Description GEO 211 - Earth's History and Evolution
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., GEO 101N and GEO 102N. Traces the history of the Earth since its inception 4.6 billion years ago. Presents scientific theories for the origin of the Earth and the nature of important earth shaping events of the past, including the development of the oceans, atmosphere, and climate.
4 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 8 Total Credits Required

Degree Electives

Rule: Must complete an additional 10 credits in Geosciences courses numbered 200 and above

Minimum Required Grade: C-
10 Total Credits Required